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Hattie Lloyd 04/08/22

Da Terra Chef Rafael Cagali Announces A New Restaurant

When Da Terra scored its first Michelin star within nine months of opening, it was clear chef Rafael Cagali was going places.

And lo, this Autumn he will be going… all the way next door, to open his second restaurant, Elis. It’ll be set in the same building, The Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green, taking over what used to be The Corner Room restaurant.

Named after Cagali’s mother’s first restaurant and jazz bar, Elis will serve Brazilian-Italian cooking inspired by the chef’s dual heritage, which he says will feature “everything from my favourite street food to family meal celebration dishes that my grandma used to make”. So while its laurelled sibling offers double Michelin-starred tasting menus, Elis will be a more relaxed companion, serving dishes à la carte alongside a concise selection of wines.

So far, hints of dishes to come include a crab tagliolini; bolinho de bacalhau (salt cod croquettes); and baby monkfish tail glazed with black tucupi, a rich umami sauce that’s been made by indigenous communities in the Amazon for over 4,000 years. It’s hard to get hold of over here, but pretty much anyone who’s ever tried it describes it as the holy grail of flavour. There’ll also be some inventive dishes that directly cross the two cuisines, like churros dusted with pecorino cheese.

The food will be partnered with a considered wine list put together by Keeling Andrew & Co, the importer branch of esteemed wine magazine and Bloomsbury institution, Noble Rot. There’ll only be about a dozen bottles available at any one time, around half of which will be poured by the glass.

We’ll have more information soon, but it all sounds pretty good…

…so far.


NOTE: Elis is set to open sometime in Autumn 2022. We’ll be back with the full scoop then; in the meantime you can follow its progress HERE.

Elis | Town Hall Hotel, Patriot Square, London E2 9NF

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Town Hall Hotel, Patriot Square, Bethnal Green, E2 9NF

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