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Hawksmoor Air Street | Picadilly Steak Restaurant

Hawksmoor’s reputation for serving London’s best steak –  “dictionary-thick”, Ginger Pig-reared, 35-day hung, Longhorn Cattle grilled over charcoals and served with triple-cooked chips – is pretty well established.

But recently a serious problem emerged at Hawksmoor HQ which threatened to undermine the entire brand.

The founders admitted to also liking fish.

Which is why Hawksmoor Air Street – located in a sprawling, first-floor Art Deco-inspired space complete with a bar akin to Claridges’ “Fumoir”; a solid brass wall (formed by a run of reclaimed 1930s lift doors) dividing it from the restaurant; huge stained glass windows overlooking Regent Street; a floor from an old RAF base and table tops sourced from the chemistry labs of British public schools – does seafood.

But, cunningly, it also does steak.


Hawksmoor Air Street

While “doing seafood” for most restaurants would simply mean “cooking fish”, for Hawksmoor it meant uncovering the best seafood restaurant in Britain (they chose The Seahorse in Devon); kidnapping its chef, Mitch Tonks; bringing him up to London in a Transit van and stealing contacts from his iPhone in order to guarantee a direct supply of fresh fish to the restaurant.

Luckily, however, Mitch fell in love with his captors after developing a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome, and they’re all now excitedly co-habiting on Air Street.


NOTEHawksmoor Air Street is open daily for lunch and dinner – you can find out more and book HERE.

Hawksmoor Air Street | 5a Air Street, W1J 0AD

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Hawksmoor Air Street

5a Air Street, Piccadilly, Central London, W1J 0AD
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