Hawksmoor Borough Market | Raising the Steaks For Their Sixth Instalment

Hawksmoor Borough Market

Hawksmoor Borough Market

Hawksmoor Borough Market

Sometimes, you can have too much of a good thing.

But this is never true when it comes to steak.

And especially not when it comes to the sixth London branch of meaty mammoth Hawksmoor, which to literally the whole city’s delight* has finally opened.

Situated right by Borough Market, the celebrated steak restaurant has taken over a Victorian hops warehouse, hosting 140 seats over two floors. So there’s just the smallest chance you will actually be able to book a table.

And being so close to their market suppliers – including The Ginger Pig, Chegworth Valley and Neil’s Yard Dairy – it’s likely that their hefty, juicy steaks will be every bit as irresistible as ever.

*citation clearly not needed


NOTE: Hawksmoor Borough Market is now open. You can find out more on their website HERE.

Hawksmoor Borough Market | 16 Winchester Walk, SE1 9AQ

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Hawksmoor Borough Market

Hawksmoor, 16 Winchester Walk, Borough Market, South London, SE1 9AQ


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