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Ikoyi | Michelin-Starred Dining in A Retro-Futuristic Space

Ikoyi has moved to 180 Strand.

That’s the long and short of it – but to unpack that sentence a little, it basically means that one of London’s best restaurants has moved into one of London’s coolest spaces.

Bold statements, yes, but they’re backed up with bold facts. Ikoyi isn’t just one of the best restaurants in the capital – according to the World’s 50 Best List, it’s one of the finest on the planet. And then there are the two Michelin Stars sitting on its mantlepiece just to drive the point home. Run by chef buddies Iré Hassan-Odukale and Jeremy Chan (the latter of whom honed his fine dining skills at places like Dinner and Noma), it’s a highly original, polished concept that plucks readily from cuisines across the globe (Asian, West Africa, etc.) and marries them to British ingredients in creative and, frankly, stunning ways.

And as for 180 Strand? It’s the brutalist behemoth sitting right by Somerset House and the new pedestrianised stretch of Aldwych. It’s been recently revamped, with most of the floors making up an achingly cool new members club and workspace for Soho House. But it’s also home to artsy restaurant & bakery Toklas, as well as one of the newest art galleries in London, that’s staged extraordinary show after extraordinary show over the past couple of years.


Ikoyi’s little corner of 180 Strand is a gorgeously laid back mixture of pale mustard yellows and warm coffee-coloured browns, all assembled into a thoroughly refined & relaxed space. And as for the food? Thankfully it hasn’t changed tack – the tasting menu is a a parade of spices (mostly from Sub Saharan Africa) combined with hyper seasonal British ingredients. Previously that’s included dishes like squid with Scotch bonnet and fermented rice; smoked jollof rice; ginger caramelised plantain; and yam with caviar and uda (an aromatic, pepper-like spice used in several Igbo dishes).

Just be warned: it’ll set you back a cool £300 for dinner.


NOTE: Ikoyi is open at 180 Strand now, Monday to Friday. You can find out more and make a reservation at the website right HERE.

Ikoyi | 180 Strand, London WC2R 1EA

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180 Strand, Strand, WC2R 1EA

8.5 | Great