Jason Allen 08/12/23

A Legendary French Chef Is Opening A Cosy, Intimate New Restaurant

Claude Bosi is indeed a Bosi man.

After opening Socca this summer and Brooklands last Autumn, he’s now about to kick off 2024 with yet another new eatery: Josephine.

The idea is for it to be a Lyonnaise-style brasserie, inspired largely by Bosi’s own upbringing in Lyon. His parents had a restaurant there, and he practically grew up in the kitchen. It’s even named after his grandma. And – not to put too much pressure on the place – but his other Lyonnaise-style restaurant, Claude Bosi at Bibendum, has a pair of Michelin Stars. So, what we’re basically saying here, is that this particular Frenchman knows how to run this particular kind of French restaurant quite well.

You’ll find it, when it opens in March, down on the Fulham Road where it’ll park itself around the corner from Gordon Ramsay’s Park Walk restaurant. It’ll be moving into a space that used to be a fancy deli (Colette, for anyone who went) so it’s not exactly huge, but that’ll hopefully make it all the more cosily intimate.

The menu’s currently under wraps, but anyone who has been to the bouchons of Lyon can attest to the fact that butter is basically a food group there, the salad comes with bacon, they’ve basically turned making sausages into an art form, and they’re not afraid to use parts of the animal that most people don’t even know exist. It’s typically hearty, meat-heavy, and the wine flows like the River Rhône.

Speaking of, one of the great Lyonnaise traditions that he’ll be bringing back is the ‘meter wine’, in which you only pay for what you drink. You start sipping, they keep pouring, and you typically end up trying a whole bunch of stuff you never might have glanced at. But before we get that wine meter..?

…They’ll need to make use of the spirit level.


NOTE: Josephine is set to open on 2nd March. We’ll be back then with the full scoop. In the meantime, you can find out more HERE.

Josephine | 315 Fulham Rd., London SW10 9QH

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315 Fulham Rd., Fulham, West London, SW10 9QH