Kol | High-End Mexican Restaurant From Santiago Lastra

The man behind Noma Mexico is opening a London restaurant...


Kol | High End Mexican Restaurant

Understatement alert: Noma is a good restaurant.

It won ‘best restaurant in the world’ on the World’s 50 Best List three years running. It’s got two Michelin Stars. It’s credited with essentially reinventing Nordic cuisine.

The basic point we’re trying to get across here is that when head chef René Redzepi decided to open a pop up of Noma in Mexico back in 2017, he didn’t just choose some rando with a stove to help set it up. He chose Santiago Lastra. And Santiago Lastra did such a fine job, he’s now opening his own super-fancy restaurant in London.


It’s coming this September, and it’s going to be called Kol (which means ‘cabbage’, and is supposed to illustrate the incredible potential of seemingly mundane ingredients). You’ll find it in central London, though the exact location is still under wraps/undecided. But what we do know is that it’ll be a Mexican menu, using UK-sourced ingredients, with a wine & mezcal bar to help ease it all down.

Which sounds like a good Kol.

NOTE: Kol is due to open in 2020, somewhere in Central London. We’ll be back then with the full scoop. In the meantime you can check out Santiago Lastra’s Instagram account right HERE.

Kol | Somewhere in Central London


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