Jason Allen 09/02/23

Morito Exmouth Market

Morito is to Moro as a short story is to a novel, or a cupcake is to a cake: the essence of the place distilled into a few perfect bites.

Of course, that analogy only makes sense if you already know what Moro is, so here’s a skinny if you don’t: opening back in 1997 by husband & wife duo Sam & Sam Clark, Moro was one of those pioneering restaurants that served up a fresh style of North African & Spanish Moorish tapas, or their then-innovative, stripped-back space with countertop dining and a wood-fired grill. Now-a-days, everyone’s doing it.


You’ll find Morito hugging up against Moro in Exmouth Market, right next door. It serves as a smaller, quicker, more lively sibling – basically, wherever Moro is a sit-down and take your time kind of restaurant, Morito is simple tapas bar (emphasis on bar), where you can dash in for a quick bite and a glass of sherry, or park yourself at the bright orange counter and order an unrealistic amount of tapas until you’re politely told they’re wrapping things up (around half ten).

On the menu, you’ll find a daily rotating selection small-plate-y goodness, including the likes of salt cod croquettes, sweet onion tortillas, beet borani and boquerones laced with a thyme and orange zest… and try to squeeze in some of that Malaga raisin ice cream too.


And to drink? There are cocktails (try the house Morito, it’s a refreshing blend of gin, cava, and lemon), plus an array of Spanish wines (there’s even a house version of those, too from ‘Casa Morito’), and plenty of sherries.

And don’t be surprised if you walk out of there with a cookbook…


NOTE: Morito Exmouth Market is open now daily. You can find out more, and make a booking (though there’s always space set aside for walk-ins) right here.

Morito Exmouth | 32 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QE

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Morito Exmouth Market

32 Exmouth Market, Exmouth Market, North London, EC1R 4QE

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