Jason Allen 15/03/24

The Buxton

Thomas Buxton was the kind of guy you’d want to name a really great venue after.

And not because he helped abolish slavery throughout the British Empire. Or that he started the movement that would eventually ban capital punishment. Or even that he founded the RSPCA. No, because he was a brewer.

(Okay maybe a little about those other things too.)

Either way, back just over 200 years ago he owned the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane, inspiring the venue a stone’s throw away that is now The Buxton – a place he’d definitely approve of. It’s part bistro, part wine bar with some hotel rooms upstairs, and it’s an absolute beauty both inside and out.

Step inside and, in contrast to the weathered stonework cladding the building, it all feels very refined and sleek – the wood is all varnished to a rich chestnut brown, the fittings are made from gleaming brass, and the bar is topped with a glossy red marble.

The Buxton

On the new menu, you’ll find a parade of Mediterranean & French inspired dishes, ranging from light chickpea panisse topped with whipped cod’s roe; to a fillet of grey mullet with kohlrabi sitting in a verdant sorrel sauce; a well-marbled Denver steak with glazed hen of the wood mushroom; and some tender gnocchi in an earthy cavolo nero sauce.

Leaning into the laid-back nature of a bistro, tables are walk-in only, but if you need to wait for a moment with a drink, there are worse places to do it that here, particularly on their terrace, or even in their sister spot The Culpeper (which is almost next door). To that end, there are crafts on the taps, natural wines in the bottles, and cocktails in the shakers including a zestily bright rhubarb sour or a classic spicy margarita.

And as the cherry on top? Upstairs you’ll find the 15 rooms. They’re all filled with smart details, high framed beds, and come in at an extremely reasonable £150 flat rate across the week/year.

Of which Thomas Buxton would definitely have approved.


NOTE: The Buxton is open daily. You can check out their website right HERE. It’s walk-in only, so turn up at any time to get a table.

PREVIOUS PERK: Nudge Members +1 got 50% off food to welcome their new head chef from 18th March to 1st April.

The Buxton | 42 Osborn Street, E1 6TD

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The Buxton

42 Osborn Street, Brick Lane, E1 6TD

8.0 | Great