The Greenhouses

The Greenhouses have grown into quite an unusual venue.

You’ll find them in the grounds of One Marylebone, a Georgian-era church, which is one of the most impressive & grandiose buildings in a neighbourhood filled with impressive & grandiose buildings. Every aspect of the place can be hired out as an events space, and now the company that runs the show there has decided to add on some private dining rooms around it. As in outside, wrapping around its base. And sure, that means you don’t go inside the building itself, but it also gives you the benefit of actually being able to see it. Which is a very good thing.

one marylebone

Separated from the street by towering hedges, there are nine Greenhouses in total, ranging from a cosy little beach-hut sized number (it’s supposed to be for four people, but it would be a real date show-stopper for two) all the way up to a 22-capacity giant. Each of them is beautiful, intimate, and verdantly arranged with real vines and flowers hanging from the ceilings that change with the seasons. They provide a stunning backdrop to dishes that are equally stunning – a menu of Mediterranean-styled sharing plates, served alongside wines and cocktails.

the greenhouses london

And, lest we forget, there is an events company at the helm, and The Greenhouses are but a corner piece in the jigsaw of ambitious plans they’ve assembled here. Already the courtyard hosts its own flower market, while yoga classes and gong baths take place inside the church, with plans for cinema screenings, events and more to follow…


NOTE: The Greenhouses are available to hire privately now – you can find out more HERE.

The Greenhouses | 1 Marylebone Road, NW1 4AQ

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The Greenhouses

1 Marylebone Road, Marylebone, NW1 4AQ

0207 186 2444