Hattie Lloyd 24/01/20

The Jam

If Italian restaurants with bunkbed seating are your jam…

…well, The Jam is your jam.

Chelsea’s neighbourhood Italian has been serving dishes on another level since 1972. They set up shop on the King’s Road back when it was a punk stomping ground, and 50 years later not much has changed, though the clientele have fewer piercings (at least in places you can see).

Tables at The Jam are arranged entirely in booths, making it the perfect spot for a romantic evening or quiet argument. And interspersed between those on the ground floor are little ladders leading up to another row of booths on top. Cast your mind back to the last time you went to a sleepover… in a giant multi-level maze of pinewood, with genuine home-style Italian cooking… and it’s a lot like that.

That home-style cooking takes shape in the form of deep fried pizzette with parmesan and basil; fresh clams in a white wine casserole; handmade squid ink linguine with Cornish crab; baby chicken with red onion confit and rosemary roast potatoes; and gnocchi with slow-cooked Tuscan sausage and pesto. The wine takes the shape of regular wine, but it’s really good.

The Jam: “Climb the famous wooden ladders and release your inner child!”

But not the one that throws spaghetti onto the people sitting below.


NOTE: The Jam is open daily for dinner, and for lunch Tuesday-Sunday. You can find out more, and book a table, HERE.

The Jam | 289a King’s Road, Chelsea, SW3 5EW

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The Jam

289a King’s Road, Chelsea, SW3 5EW

0207 352 8827

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