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Hattie Lloyd 08/12/23

007: Shadow Of Spectre

If we knew anything at all about javascript, this article would announce itself with a couple of punchy brass chords before casually strolling across your screen, staring down a gun barrel, and covering everything in blood.

But we don’t, so you’ll have to use your imagination to create a suitably dramatic opening for the news that you can now step into the world of Bond in a brand new interactive experience.

It’s all been plotted by the masterminds at HiddenCity, who create real-world adventure games that play out across London itself. Typically, that involves following a trail of cryptic clues sent to your phone, navigating you around the city’s more secretive nooks and crannies. But, as the first official Bond experience to take place out in the real world, 007: Shadow Of Spectre will take things up a notch…

007: shadow of spectre

You’ll gather a team together and meet at a suitably suave starting point in Central London, where you’ll receive a mission briefing left by Moneypenny. Bond has been found unresponsive, so MI6 must turn to the firm’s best and brightest to find out why…

Clearly, they weren’t available. So Moneypenny’s relying on you to tail Bond’s last movements, discover why he was taken out, and stop whoever was responsible.

bond game london

The game combines phone calls and text messages with tangible props and a real-time story playing out in the world around you, so you’ll genuinely get to feel like you’re operating undercover while the rest of the city goes about its business.

Along the way, characters like Q and Moneypenny will task you with navigating the streets, intercepting top secret dead drops, solving puzzles and occasionally stopping in at bars to gather intel (where, naturally, you’re encouraged to blend in with regular punters by availing yourself of a drink or two).

The game is running now, with tickets currently on sale until June – so if you’re keen, you’ll want to get in there quickly.

After all, you only live twice once.


NOTE: 007: Shadow Of Spectre runs daily. Tickets cost £30 per player, and you can book now, right HERE.

And afterwards… head to Dukes for the martini that inspired Bond’s signature drink