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Jason Allen 22/08/17

Adventure Films Underground

If you’re going to watch someone’s life flash before your eyes…

…make sure it’s somebody else’s.

And the best place to do it is underground at Adventure Films Underground, who’re screening a trio of award-winning adventure-related flicks in a tunnel under the Thames at the Brunel Museum (after taking in a few rounds of cocktails on the rooftop garden, of course).


You’ll arrive at the Brunel Museum at 6.30, and head on up to the roof, where you’ll find yourself surrounded by campfires, candles, and lanterns. Here, you’ll meet the The Cocktail Gardener, who’s going to be using ingredients grown in the very lush herbal garden you’re standing next to to mix you some extremely tasty drinks. If you’re feeling a little peckish, Pan London will be on hand to rustle up some of the Greek street food, including slow-roasted free range lamb shoulder with a green herb salad and Greek yoghurt, or grilled feta with roasted peppers and spiced tomato salsa. And for dessert? You can scorch some marshmallows on those campfires.

At 7.30, everyone will head on down deep under the Thames, and into the cavernous tunnel where the screening room is set up. This, you’ll learn, was literally the world’s most popular tourist attraction when it first opened in 1843, with a million visitors in the first three months. You’ll then take your seats, and see out the evening with a trio of flicks with 22 awards between them.


And Then We Swam: A story about two friends who decided to row across the Indian Ocean. From Australia. In a secondhand boat. Despite literally never having rowed a boat before in their lives.

North of the Sun: A tale of two Norwegian men who spent nine months on a sub-zero Arctic beach, building a cabin out of driftwood, and eating discarded food, all to surf some of the finest waves on earth.

The Swimming Granny: Just 8 minutes long, this is a powerful homage to the joys of swimming, about an 85 year old granny who swims everyday in rough, wavy, wild water. She may be old…

…but she’s still with the current.

NOTE: Adventure Films Underground are on now. Tickets cost £25, and you can get them right HERE.

The Brunel Museum | Tunnel Road, SE16 4LF 

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Adventure Films Underground

The Brunel Museum, Tunnel Road, Rotherhithe, South London, SE16 4LF