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Hattie Lloyd 02/07/22

Bearpit Karaoke

Bears might not make the best singers…

…but there’s no denying they have roar talent.

And so do you, which is why you’re taking your as-yet-undiscovered voice — and a couple of friends, for safety — to Bearpit Karaoke in Vauxhall.

It’s been going strong since 2009, when the plucky young Joe Hatchiban set up with just a speaker powered by a car battery. It’s now a weekly fixture in Berlin’s Mauerpark, where crowds gather from miles around to sit in a concrete amphitheatre and laugh at listen supportively to courageous members of the audience who feel like getting up and belting a tune or two.

Now, chances are you’re the kind of person who either:

a) enjoys singing in front of a group of strangers; or

b) would enjoy watching someone else doing that.

Which is why – either way – you need to head down to Vauxhall’s Pleasure Gardens when Bearpit tips up in London this summer. It’s completely free, and it promises literally hours of entertainment.

Go on. Panda to your inner diva…


NOTE: Bearpit Karaoke is next taking place in Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens on 16th July, 13th August and 10th September 2022. It’s completely free to drop by, and you can find out more on the website HERE.

Bearpit Karaoke | Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, 139 Vauxhall Walk, SE11 5HL

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Bearpit Karaoke

Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, 139 Vauxhall Walk, Vauxhall, South London, SE11 5HL