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Jason Allen 10/09/21


We think it’s about time we all got dressed up, and enjoyed a night out.

So on Saturday 25th September we’re teaming up with Bourne & Hollingsworth to host dinnerPARTY, an exciting night of delicious cocktails, canapés and a candlelit dinner with live music; followed by a huge house party featuring DJs, an NYC-style piano bar, and general merriment & mischief running into the early hours.

It’s an excuse to slip into our finest; reconnect with friends old and new; get unreasonably well-fed; and enjoy an open bar, live music, dancing, street gambling in the back alleyway, and a slushy honesty bar that you may or may not be able to find… all across the many rooms that exist within Clerkenwell’s Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings (which – if you haven’t been – basically feels like a verdant, plant-filled townhouse owned by an eccentric millionaire who really enjoys hosting fun parties kind of almost exactly like this one).

As concepts go, this one’s pretty straightforward: dinnerPARTY is the restaurant you’ve always wanted to go to, but could never find. It’s the civilised, candlelit eatery where you can enjoy a bottle of wine and three delectable courses over a spot of live music… before witnessing everything kick off after dessert, as you seamlessly slide from singing showtunes around a piano in one room, to doing shots and dancing ’til late in another. And the best bit (beyond the whole thing) is that there are three ticket options, so that if for some odd reason you don’t fancy the pre-party dinner, you can instead come for a cocktail & canapés reception or even (God Forbid) choose to have dinner elsewhere, arriving just in the nick of time for all of the post-dinner fun.


But assuming – at least for now – that you’re keen to gobble up this whole enchilada, you’ll arrive and have a complimentary welcome cocktail handed to you at the door. After that (if you’re a Nudge Member) you’ll head upstairs to the very top of the building to enjoy an open bar inside B&H’s so-far-totally-unseen brand new studio space. And then you’ll head downstairs for a candlelit three course dinner with live music cooked up by Bourne & Hollingsworth’s in-house chefs (the latest sample menu that we saw mentioned kimchi-cured sea trout; grass-fed ribeyes; and triple chocolate caramel shortbread with meadowsweet cream – so far, so good)….

….and then – just as soon as you’ve downed your first post-dinner Espresso Martini – the party will start in earnest with cocktails from some of the city’s most talented mixologists; a live music program curated by someone who’s so good at this sort of thing we’re literally not allowed to mention them by name; and fun in every room of the building, from the new rooftop studio at the top (which will have live music after dinner), all the way down to subterranean late-night party den Below & Hidden at the bottom, which you’ll quickly notice is covered with crazy LED-illuminated Medieval tapestries.

We like to call them Knight Lights.


NOTE: Our inaugural dinnerPARTY  with Bourne & Hollingsworth is taking place at B&H Buildings in Clerkenwell on September 25th. you can now get tickets HERE


PS Nudge Members get access to an open bar at the start of the event: to access it & enjoy complimentary drinks from 7pm to 8pm with other Nudge Members please ensure that you’ve become a Nudge member before getting your tickets).

Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings | 42 Northampton Road, EC1R 0HU


What to preview the venue? Head down the B&H Buildings


42 Northampton Road, Clerkenwell, North London, EC1R 0HU

0203 174 1156