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Hattie Lloyd 12/04/24

Embassy Gardens Drive-In Cinema

In the 1950s, taking your date to the drive-in would have cost you about $1.

Recreating that exact same date today – adjusting for inflation and the vast amounts of personal wealth it would require to buy and maintain a vintage car – you’re looking at about $40,000.

Which is why we feel bound to notify you of the extremely rare opportunity coming your way next month at Battersea’s Embassy Gardens, who are not only hosting a drive-in cinema (a rare occasion in itself), but also providing an impressive line-up of vintage hot rods for you to sit in.

embassy gardens drive in cinema

It’s all courtesy of the classic car emporium Duke of London, which is very generously entrusting Londoners with some of their most elegant automobiles for the occasion. We’re talking glossy 50s motors and open-top 20s race-cars; stylish E-type Jags from the 60s; vintage Jeeps; 80s Porsche convertibles; the lot. And for the less nostalgically-minded, they’re also bringing cutting-edge supercars and muscle cars along for the ride.

It’s all going down on one day only – Saturday 11th May – with back-to-back screenings from 10am-10pm. It’s pretty family-friendly during the day, with the original Lion King and Star Wars: A New Hope followed by Mamma Mia in the afternoon. But at 8pm it’s time for the classic 1963 Bond movie, From Russia With Love.

Now don’t get popcorn crumbs down the back of the seats.


NOTE: The Embassy Gardens Drive-In Cinema is popping up on 11th May. Tickets start at £8.83 for blanket spots or deckchairs, and £140 for car hire – you can book HERE.

The Embassy Gardens Drive-In Cinema | 3 Viaduct Gardens, London SW11 7AY

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Embassy Gardens Drive-In Cinema

3 Viaduct Gardens, Vauxhall, SW11 7AY