Hattie Lloyd 19/09/19

Evans & Peel: The Big Deal

Evans & Peel: The Big Deal

So, Evans & Peel – London’s preeminent speakeasy hidden behind the bookcases of a film noir-esque subterranean detective agency – is hosting an event called The Big Deal.

What’s The Big Deal, you ask?

Well, it’s a jazz-fuelled lunch party that’s going to see you plunge headfirst into the dirty underground dealings of Prohibition era America, working either with the city’s moonshiners or bootleggers while cracking tasks, making illicit deals, and sampling an awful lot of moonshine as you go. For quality control purposes, you understand.

If you manage to sweet talk your way past the detective in the office out front, you’ll be ushered behind the bookshelves into the low-lit, brick-walled cavern beyond, and handed a congratulatory glass of bubbles for your efforts. You’ll then be led to your table, where you’ll set up camp for the negotiations and puzzle solving ahead…

Naturally, you’ll need supplies. Which is why you’ll have free run of:

1) Unlimited popcorn,

2) Unlimited ‘radiator’ beer,

3) Unlimited moonshine cocktails…

4)and unlimited hot dogs, fries and sides, too.

All the while, you’ll be soundtracked by the dulcet notes of a live jazz singer, as you prepare to cut a keen deal with the underground mobster when he joins you at your table.

Just remember, flattery will get you everywhere.


NOTE: The Big Deal takes place at Evans & Peel Detective Agency on Saturday 28th September, 26th October and 23rd November, 2-4pm. Tickets cost £49 for moonshiners and £59 for bootleggers (who have an additional secret experience at the start). You can book your tickets right HERE.

Evans & Peel Detective Agency | 310c Earl’s Court Road, SW5 9BA

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Evans & Peel: The Big Deal

310c Earl's Court Road, Earl's Court, SW5 9BA