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Jason Allen 26/06/17

Extravaganza Macabre at Battersea Arts Centre


Putting on a theatrical production.

Some say it’s best done in stages.

And others, specifically those down at Battersea Arts Centre, say it’s best done in open-air courtyards. Specifically, newly built 75 square meter courtyards that span three levels filled with trapdoors, surprise entrances, balconies, and 360 degree performance spaces, all designed by Stirling Prize winning architects inspired by the radical Teatro Oficina in São Paulo, Brazil.

It’s apples and oranges, really.

But the folks at Light Bulb Theatre prefer the latter, and have written a play specifically for the space. It’s called Extravaganza Macabre, and it debuted last year when the courtyard was constructed. It went down so well, it’s back, from 4 – 29 July.

The show itself is set in Victorian London, and tells the tale of two passionate lovers separated by a freak storm which leaves their fate in the clutches of a scheming villain set on keeping them apart forever. And all they have to aid them is a clairvoyant maid, a loyal urchin, a few plot twists, and a little light audience interaction. Oh, and one additional benefit of setting your play in a courtyard? Jugs of Pimm’s and Great British Picnic Menus.

But as bracingly fun as all this courtyard action sounds, Battersea Arts Centre has a whole lot of other things going on this summer, inside the old town hall building: there’s going to be a Summer Ceilidh Fling on the 15th of July (set in the historic Council Chamber); Bricking It, a night of craft beer and competitive Lego building on the 11th of August; and their famed independent beer festival on September 24th.

Get ready to drink it all in.

NOTE: Extravaganza Macabre runs from 4 – 29 July at Battersea Arts Centre. Tickets are priced from £10-£25, and can be purchased right HERE.

Battersea Arts Centre | Lavender Hill, SW11 5TN

Want to grab a bite after the show? Humble Grape is just a hop, skip, and a jump from the venue…

Extravaganza Macabre at Battersea Arts Centre

Lavender Hill, Battersea, SW11 5TN

020 7223 2223