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Jason Allen 09/01/23

Fox In A Box

Ironically, if you want to win this escape room, you’ll have to think outside the box.

Because despite sounding like some borderline sadistic Dr Seuss book, Fox In A Box requires some genuine smarts & creativity in order for you to escape from its fiendish rooms.

You’ll find it over in Dalston, where it’s spent the last half decade generally impressing people with its high-end production value, and winning a few awards along the way. It’s got three rooms, each tiered to a different difficulty rating, beginning, intermediate, and hard. They are:

Fox In A Box

Zodiac Killer – The ‘easy’ pick of the three puts you in the nefarious fictional hideout of the nefarious and very non fictional serial killer, with a view to both discovering his identity and escaping his clutches.

Prison Break – The ‘intermediate’ puzzle has a slick twist: it allows for two teams to go head-to-head trying to escape from identical ‘maximum security’ prison cells. Fastest team to figure out how to pull off a jailbreak, wins.

Bunker – The toughest of the cookies puts you in a nuclear bunker at the exact moment the launch sequence is initiated. You’ll be tasked with not only escaping, but also making sure that the outside world is still there when you get out. No biggie.

But what sets Fox in a Box apart is not just the imaginative themes; it’s how they’ve turned what could be just a game into an something like an immersive theatrical experience. The attention to detail in the rooms is pretty spot-on, and the puzzles have been tailored (after literal years of testing) to be just challenging enough without being too easy.

So you should be able to out-fox them.


NOTE: Fox In A Box is open now, seven days a week. You can find out more, and make a booking at their website right here.

Fox In A Box | 14 Dalston Lane, E8 3AZ

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Fox In A Box

14 Dalston Lane, Dalston, East London, E8 3AZ