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Hattie Lloyd 14/09/17

Gingerline X Godiva Chocolate Banquet

Gingerline X Godiva Chocolate Banquet

Gingerline generally sell out their dining experiences.

So you’re used to them being chock full.

You’re probably not, however, used to them being choc full – which is precisely what’s happening when a SECRET IMMERSIVE CHOCOLATE BANQUET comes to London this month.


It’s the happy union between Gingerline’s immersive dining adventures, and the gloriously indulgent chocolatiers, Godiva – and for five nights it’ll see a secret London location transformed into a multisensory world of cocoa.

While the full details are being kept secret, guests will get to experience three epic full-room transformations as part of a surrealist journey inspired by Belgian works of art and the new Godiva Masterpieces range, that may or may not involve stepping into an actual painting (it does), before you settle down to a three course, chocolate-laced feast in their grand banqueting hall; each dish produced with Gingerline’s characteristic sense-teasing, adventurous panache…

And the best part? It’s completely free. Because, given the hysterical stampede that usually occurs when Gingerline release new tickets, they’re doing something a little different this time, by running a free public ballot on the Godiva UK Facebook Page whereby tickets will be randomly allocated – and it’s open until midnight tonight, Thursday 14th September.

It’s more than a truffle exciting.


NOTE: The Gingerline x Godiva immersive chocolate banquet is taking place in a secret location between 25th and 29th September. To try your luck at getting tickets, enter the ballot HERE before midnight on 14th September 2017 –

OTHER NOTE: Gingerline and Godiva have set aside a pool of tickets exclusively for Nudge Members…

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