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Hattie Lloyd 12/12/23

Gingerline’s The Grand Expedition: The Incredible Edible Journey

After four years away, Gingerline – the OGs of immersive dining – are coming back to London.

And if that sounds like the kind of announcement that would see tickets sell out in record time, you’d be right. Because when their first ticket drop went on sale to their mailing list, all 3,000 were snapped up in an hour.

There is some good news however….

Because as a Nudge Member, you’re getting access to an exclusive additional drop of tickets held back just for you – and you’ll be getting a complimentary upgrade to the VIP experience for the same price as a standard ticket.


For anyone who’s feeling out the loop, Gingerline was the pioneering immersive dining experience when it started out back in 2010. The set-up was always the same: the night’s events would be a complete mystery to guests, who were only texted the location on the day itself. But the experiences themselves were wildly different: over the years, diners were variously rolled through anthropomorphic flavour machines; invited to step through paintings; thrown into enormous ball pits; served delicious ‘engine oil’ by crash test dummies; seated in airplanes and flung into interactive gameshows… all while being served a unique and inventive tasting menu. With cocktails.

gingerline dish

In recent years they’ve been spreading their multi-dimensional, palate-pleasing joy across the globe. But now, Gingerline is back in London and preparing to lavish your senses once again with a show that – for the first time ever – we know everything about.

Well, almost everything. Because it’s a reimagining of one of their most wildly successful shows to date, The Grand Expedition. This new version, ‘The Incredible Edible Journey’ will be unveiled next February in a secretive location (but to ensure your biggest journey stays on your plate, it will be somewhere in central London…).


In typically grand Gingerline style, you’ll board your very own personal hot air balloon and embark on a culinary odyssey across the atlas, where each dish will be accompanied by folk dance, circus acts, puppetry, games and more, all designed to give you both a cultural and culinary flavour of whichever country you happen to have touched down in. And as you travel, the room itself will shimmer and shift around you as a swirl of animated illustrations envelops the fleet of illuminated balloons.

As for the dining element, well, each of the courses which will only be revealed as they’re served – although if you really need to know in advance, you can sneak a peek…

…if you’re feeling chicken.


NOTE: Nudge Member-exclusive tickets for The Grand Expedition: The Incredible Edible Journey are available now. Check the Members’ box above for details. Not a Nudge Member yet? Sign up for a free trial here.

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Gingerline’s The Grand Expedition: The Incredible Edible Journey

A Secret Location,