Hattie Lloyd 11/09/18

Gingerline: The Grand Expedition

Gingerline: The Grand Expedition | Immersive Dining

Picture yourself in a clandestine dining room, somewhere in London, surrounded by masked dancers, clouds, and a table laden with elaborate dishes.

This isn’t a dream.

But in many ways, it also is a dream. And rest assured, it’s the good kind, because you’ve still got your clothes on and your teeth haven’t fallen out.

It can only mean one thing: Gingerline are back, with what they’re calling their ‘most ambitious dining experience yet’ – a ‘floating, feeding and falling dream’ that takes you beyond the very clouds themselves; lavishes you with a five-course feast of adventurous, tongue-tingling dishes; whisks you through a suspended realm of dance, poetry and performance; and deposits you safely back on the ground in time for actual sleep.

For this nocturnal adventure, they’re summoning you to a long-forgotten, very secret location, whose whereabouts will only be revealed to you on the day of the event (though – aware that most adventurers’ trusty steed is The Tube – it’s conveniently a long-forgotten, very secret location five minutes from the Victoria line).

Unlike their repeatedly sold-out show, Chambers of Flavour, this experience won’t see you moving between rooms on your journey – in a swift about-face, it’ll all take place in one main banqueting room. But of course, this is Gingerline, and so it won’t feel like that.

Instead, you can expect that dining room to morph and shift before your very eyes, with elegant scenery, projections and hand-drawn animations (inspired by pop up books and bedtime stories) coalescing and vanishing around you as you dine. There’ll be mysterious, beautifully choreographed dances; masked creatures to encounter; lugubrious cocktails and unusual dishes to interact with (including one which may or may not involve spraying). It’s going to be exceedingly beautiful. But of course, we can’t reveal any more for fear of ruining the surprises in store…

…otherwise it wouldn’t be an expedition.


NOTE: Gingerline: The Grand Expedition takes place in a secret location, Tuesday-Saturday, 7pm, and Saturdays at 12pm, until 6th July. You can book tickets (£55) HERE.

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Gingerline: The Grand Expedition

Somewhere Secret,