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The Grand Annual Lying Competition

It was a typically warm sunny English winter day when we came up with the idea for the Grand Annual Lying Competition.

So it’s a shame that the people at The Crick Crack Club didn’t pick up that baton, and organise a competition for amateur fibbers, prevaricators, and charlatans, to tell 3-minute stories about things that never happened. It’s especially sad that they haven’t arranged for it to take place at The Rich Mix in Hackney at the end of the month. That would have been nice.


The real tragedy of it all is that if this competition were going down, there would be a surprisingly good format: entrants would have taken the stage in front of a large, probably gullible audience, and a trio of frighteningly sceptical judges. They then would have to tell a lie for longer than 3 minutes, and less than 7. Points would be awarded for:

1. The content of the lie

2. The delivery of the lie, and

3. The audience response to the lie

The winner would then receive the coveted “Hodja Cup”, plus one hundred guineas in hard cash, and would be heralded the ‘Liar’s Laureate’.

But like we said, none of that is happening.


NOTE: The Grand Annual Lying Competition is, allegedly, taking place at 8pm on the 30th of March at the Rich Mix in Hackney. Tickets are £7/9, and you can book them (or even apply to enter) right HERE.


Rich Mix | 35-47 Bethnal Green Rd, Hackney, E1 6LA

Image: Tom Raftery / Flickr

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The Grand Annual Lying Competition

35-47 Bethnal Green Rd, Hackney, East London, E1 6LA

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