Plunge Pools, Waterfalls, and... Street Food?

Covid or not, a venue as huge & well-located as the one that housed Dinerama on Great Eastern Street doesn’t stay unoccupied for long.

So it’s no huge surprise to find out that it’s being taken over by Robert Newmark (the man behind Beach Blanket Babylon), who aims to give it the mother of all facelifts, and slap a new name on it too: Lalaland.

We assume ‘Moonlight’ was already taken.


The plans all sound quite ambitious. It’s still going to be a multi-level street food hub filled with eateries, bars, and entertainment – only instead of the rough edges of Dinerama’s boisterously cool industrial-chic, it’s going to be considerably more tranquil. The iron door is gone, and in its place will be “lush vegetation”. Pass through this, and you’ll apparently emerge into “a courtyard resplendent with a sparkling plunge pool, tumbling waterfalls, and living walls with bursts of colour.”

There’ll be fire pits, live music, resident DJs, and a whole lot more – there are 10,000 square feet to fill, after all. But if Beach Blanket Babylon is anything to go by…

there’ll be no shortage of excess.


NOTE: Lalaland is expected to cut the ribbon sometime this Autumn. We’ll be back then with the full scoop, but in the meantime you can check out their website right HERE.

Lalaland | 19 Great Eastern Street, EC2A 3EJ

Main Image: Dinerama (Lalaland will be on the site Dinerama formerly occupied).


19 Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch, EC2A 3EJ

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