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Talisa Dean 19/03/24

The Kiln Rooms

PLEASE NOTE: These events have sold out, however you can join the wait list using the ticketing link in the Members Box.

Saying that The Kiln Rooms is the one of the best pottery studios in London is a bit of a big statement…

…but they’ve urned it.

After all, it’s run by multi-award-winning director Stuart Carey and Ben Cooper and they’ve poured that talent into three spaces set across Peckham. The good news is that they’ve just cut the ribbon on a brand new, purpose-built teaching studio in Farringdon and Nudge Members are invited down on Sunday 14th & Saturday 20th April (2pm-6:30pm) for an exclusive pair of Nudge Member taster classes with 40% off the standard price (just £57pp, usually £95).

kiln rooms

So what goes into a taster session? Well, in short, unless you’re already a Swayze-level clay carver that’s where you’ll want to begin. It’s a basic intro to throwing and hand building skills in which you and a dozen others get to sit behind the wheel and create three or four of your own pieces. The teachers will walk you through the shaping, decorating, and glazing with a range of in-depth demonstrations at each stage of the creation process, and at the end of if it all your pieces will go into the kiln to get fired (which, we should point out, actually takes 3-4 weeks to finish) before they make it back to your home.

The fancy new Farringdon space is only a couple of hundred meters from the station, and it’s going to be brand spanking new. The idea is for it to host all levels of pot-heads, with courses & workshops ranging from simple afternoon beginner taster sessions all the way through to 8-10-week throwing and 12-week courses for all abilities which take place on either a weekday evening or a laid back Sunday.

That’s all very much in keeping with the offering at their current Peckham Levels studio, too. There, you can also get the full gamut of courses, and if you want to push the envelope further still then there are the specialist throwing courses, glazing masterclasses, and the option of drop-in access to the studio whenever you fancy.

They’re also fully set up at their Bellenden Road & Copeland Park studios in Peckham for those looking to push their ceramics know-how even further. They’re set up with all the tools, equipment, programmes and professionals you could want, and probably a little more, too.

Basically, they’re kiln it.


NOTE: Kiln Rooms Farringdon Studio is open now, seven days a week. Nudge Members are getting in for a pair of exclusive taster classes on Sunday 14th & Saturday 20th April (2pm-6:30pm) with 40% off the standard price (just £57pp, usually £95). 

OTHER NOTE: The Peckham venues are all open now – you can find out more, and book a class or course at their website right HERE.

Kiln Rooms | Peckham Levels, SE15 4ST | Railway Arch 198, Bellenden Road, SE15 4QJ | Unit 9C, Copeland Park, SE15 3SN | Farringdon, 11 Eagle Ct, EC1M 5QD

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The Kiln Rooms

Peckham Levels, Peckham, SE15 4ST