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Jason Allen 22/11/17

The South Pole Saloon

1) Christmas is around the corner.

2) That means Christmassy things are happening.

3) Most of those Christmassy things don’t involve a 15,000 square foot South Pole-inspired dive bar saloon in the heart of Brixton, complete with three bars, four street food traders, a small street of private candy cane cabins, a stage for live music, hot cocktails, and a molecular booze experience.

This, however, is one of those things.

Affectionately (and literally) known as The South Pole Saloon, it’s found on the rooftop of what was Brixton Beach, a rooftop that has since been covered and heated. Here’s what’s going on when you get up there…


So yes. There are three bars. Although, that’s something of a lie, because there are actually four bars if you include the private one you can hire out. At these bars, you’ll find draught beer, mulled wine, and cocktails including The Snow Globe (with rum, ginger beer, and coconut syrup); and the Christingle, whose Campari and clementine juice are topped with Chandon bubbles…

…but you’re going to be most interested in the special ABQ bar(from the Breaking Bad popup guys), serving up a “molecular cocktail experience” in which you’ll get to make your own insane booze creating with ingredients like dry ice and science. Then, going hand in hand with the booze is,


As we mentioned, there are four street food traders on offer – Mac to the Future will be there to offer up their Christmas special (it’s their signature Mac & Cheese dish, served inside a whole camembert); The Lambassadors will be BBQing harissa spiced lamb leg with mixed greens and a mint yogurt dressing; Vudu Food will be cooking up Creole numbers like smoked turkey with BBQ jackfruit; and Fancy Funkin Chicken will offer, well, some fancy funkin’ chicken – you know, the kind that’s coated with pomegranate and apple hot sauce. Lastly there’s,


They’ve got a strong showing of DJs in the pipeline, with lineups to include sets from Cirque Du Soul, The Doctor’s Orders, and Applebum, and that stage will have live bands playing on it every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, kicking off with a performance by Riot Jazz.

Who are, apparently, in Pole position.

NOTE: Nudge Members are getting something rather special at the Saloon next week, so stay tuned, and find out more about Membership HERE.

ALSO NOTE: The South Pole Saloon is open from now until the 1st of January 2018. You can find out more and make a booking right HERE.


The South Pole Saloon | Pope’s Road, SW9 8JH

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The South Pole Saloon

Pope's Road, Brixton, South London, SW9 8JH