Jason Allen 28/11/17

Berber & Q’s Josh Katz Shares His Favourite London Spots

We asked Berber & Q’s founder & head chef Josh Katz where he likes to dine, drink, and while away the hours in London…

Favourite date spot?

Primeur or Brawn. Quality food with quality wine in an intimate setting.

Favourite brunch spot?

Any of the Caravan restaurants.

Favourite Sunday lunch spot?

The Quality Chop House. One of the best restaurants in the city. Their Sunday roast is to die for.

Favourite cocktail bar?

Brilliant Corners in Dalston. Those guys just get it.

Josh Katz recommends

Favourite place for a casual dinner?

I love Morito on Exmouth Market. Transports me to a tapas bar on holiday in Spain. Food is always delicious.

Favourite restaurant abroad?

Port Said in Tel Aviv. As much for the scene as for the food.

London-based guilty pleasure?

Busaba Eat Thai. Still serving good Thai food despite being a chain. 

Desert Island Dish?

A tough one. Lamb mechoui (slow-cooked whole lamb) from the streets of Marrakech with cumin salt, harissa and bread is right up there. Either that or crispy aromatic duck, which is a guilty pleasure of mine – but find me someone who doesn’t love that dish.


We assume that Josh was just being polite… and didn’t’ want to say that his actual favourite restaurant is Berber & Q.