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The Cocktail Trading Company Smithfield

The Cocktail Trading Company Smithfield

Sadly, CTC Smithfield is now closed. But luckily, they’ve another site in Brick Lane.

On an unassuming Farringdon street, through the back door of an unassuming Farringdon restaurant, the three unassuming gents (Andy Mil, Olly Brading and Elliot Ball) behind the lauded CTC Development Bar & Table Carnaby have opened the doors to what many will call ‘a success’.

We, however, have decided to call it The CTC Development Bar & Table Smithfields.

As did they.

And so, similar to its original incarnation, CTC Smithfields is a playful palace of curious concoctions and adventurous aperitifs, at which, should you decide to pay Andy, Olly and Elliot a visit, your night will probably go something like this –

After weaving through the dining room at Ask For Janice and making your way down the stairs to the basement, you’ll squeeze through a rather slim opening in the white brick wall and find yourself face-to-face with former British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. Upon learning he’s not up for a chat (rather, he’s in a giant frame on the wall) your host will guide you to a seat – accompanied by the offering of a cocktail in a snow globe, or something equally as amusing – and set you up for an evening in which you’ll undoubtedly notice:

1) The shelled, peanut-filled glass on your table is magic and never runs out.

2) The Elmo in your tequila, apricot brandy, paprika, cacao syrup and pineapple soda Sesame Peat is not of the ticklish variety.

3) You need only say the word if the drink you desire is not on the menu. And,

4) That handsome chap at the back of the room is sending you signals, again.


Always was a charmer.

NOTE: The CTC Development Bar & Table Smithfields is now closed.

The CTC Development Bar & Table Smithfield | The Basement (INSIDE ASK FOR JANICE), 50-52 Long Lane, Smithfields, London EC1A 9EJ

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The Cocktail Trading Company Smithfield

The Basement (inside ask for Janice), 50-52 Long Lane, Smithfields, The City and East London, EC1A 9EJ