Flight Club Shoreditch

It’s a shame when people play darts with a blindfold on.

They don’t know what they’re missing.

That said, it’s kind of understandable that they give it a go because darts – being one of those sports that isn’t really, you know, a sport – doesn’t exactly enjoy a reputation for being the one of the most exciting or inclusive games out there.

Until now.

Flight Club Shoreditch

Because thanks to the competitive minds behind both Bounce (which combines ping pong with booze) and All Star Lanes (which combines bowling with booze) comes their latest creation: Flight Club Shoreditch, which combines darts with…

… automatic, animated scoring; high-tech virtual guides helping up to 12 friends at a time through a collection of bespoke games; two floors of colourful dartiness, beautifully designed by the award winning Russell Sage Studio (also responsible for The Zetter Townhouse and Dishoom); three “throw lines” (which generously allow shorter people to get closer to the board); a collection of fast-moving games, like Demolition Darts (classic 301, with a twist); Shanghai (a race for points); Killer (eliminate your friends, one by one); and Quackshot (aim for the bullseye); pizza boards (which are unlimited during their mimosa-fuelled “brunch socials”); touch screen interfaces invented by a rocket scientist…

….and booze.

Specifically, a huge range of beers and ciders (both on tap and in bottles); ‘sharing trophy’ punchbowls; vodka, lychee and strawberry purée frozen slushies; shots of bourbon with vanilla popcorn syrup; and another fifteen original Flight Club cocktails, ordered by flavour profile, including a tankard of gin, peach liqueur and white wine.



NOTE: Best enjoyed by groups of 6-12 friends, an oche at Flight Club Shoreditch can be reserved HERE. You can find out more about their other branches HERE.

Flight Club Shoreditch | 2a Worship Street, EC2A 2AH 

Last Updated: 8th April 2020

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Flight Club Shoreditch

2a Worship Street, Moorgate, The City, EC2A 2AH
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020 3019 3093

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