Hyper Japan

Hyper Japan | The Land of the Rising Sun… in Olympia

Given the out-and-out insanity of Japanese culture, to call this festival Hyper Japan is, if anything…

…an understatement.

Hyper Japan Christmas - things to do in London this November

And when the festival itself has cosplayers, manga artists, J-pop bands, sake tasting, and something called a ‘Ramen Experience’, it all begins to make more sense.

There are ice cream filled bubble waffles. There are HYPER Kawaii fashion shows. There are martial arts showcases. There are sake tastings, and retro gaming arcades, and miniature cosplay conventions.

It’s a regular on the London scene, and it’s adding new stuff each year. For the summer 2019 edition, in fact, you can expect the return of the Japan Food Show from Harro Foods, where over 50 artisans and traders will be touting their wares, from strawberry sake liqueur and black sesame lattes, to the world’s first plant-based ‘tuna’ and the world’s oldest soy sauce producer.

In short: it lives up to the hype.

NOTE: Hyper Japan takes place on July 12th-14th. Tickets cost £17-£50, and are available right HERE.

Hyper Japan | Olympia London, Hammersmith Rd, W14 8UX

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Hyper Japan

Olympia Exhibition Centre, Hammersmith Road, Olympia, W14 8UX
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