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Gymkhana | Mayfair Restaurant

London: the crown jewel of Britain’s Empire; the cultural, fashion, arts and entertainment capital of the world; a city of more than 300 languages and 13 million people; home to William Shakespeare, John Keats and Charlie Chaplin; and now, in a continuation of its legacy, the proud parent of Gymkhana: a contemporary, chic Indian restaurant which – as one would expect – serves both food and drinks.

About that…

The food: It’s for sharing, which is good on one hand, because it means you get to try your friends’ dishes, like quail seekh kebab with green chilli chutney, and tandoori guinea fowl with mango ginger and leg chat, but which – on the other hand – is also not so good, because it means they get to try your lasooni wild tiger prawns with red pepper chutney, and your curry of minced goat flavoured with nutty fenugreek. Items which, among others, have earned Gymkhana and head chef Karam Sethi both a Michelin Star, and the accolade of Restaurant Magazines 2014 number one eatery in Britain.

The drinks: As well as a long, considered wine list and a sommelier on hand to pair it, tea infused punches are served in medicine bottles accompanied by ice-filled goblets, cocktails fuse spices with traditional indian spirits, and there’s a specialised list of gins, tonics, absinthe, arrack and Indian Pale Ales.

Which you can enjoy either in the bar, where the walls are slatted with oak wood panelling and vintage Indian sports prints; or in the dining room, where cut glass lamps from Jaipur sit atop marble tables in oak booths.

Either way.


NOTE: To make a reservation at Gymkhana, or for more information, please either call 020 3011 5900, email, or visit their website HERE. Note that dining from the full menu is also available at the Gymkhana bar, which does not take reservations but instead has a walk in policy.

Gymkhana | 42 Albemarle Street, Mayfair, W1S 4JH

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42 Albemarle Street, Mayfair, Central London, W1S 4JH


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