Hattie Lloyd 11/02/20

Hoppers King’s Cross

If you happen to have been to the Lighthouse Hotel in the arrestingly picturesque seaside town of Galle on Sri Lanka’s south coast, then you’ll immediately recognise its bar as you walk into Hopper’s.

In King’s Cross.

For everyone who hasn’t been, this is what it looks like. Well, intermingled with a few Dutch-styled cast iron lanterns, and some booth seats that seem to have been plucked directly from the surprisingly comfortable waiting room at Bentota Railway Station. You see, the entire interior is basically a love letter to the coastal route running down Sri Lanka’s southwest side.

Hoppers King's Cross

This is the third Hoppers site, and it’s a skip & a jump away from both the Soho original and the Marylebone followup, and not just physically. You see, the multi-award winning JKS restaurant group behind it – who are also responsible for Gymkhana, BAO, Lyle’s, Sabor and many more – have elected not to simply try and replicate the exact same thing in a different place. Crazy, we know.

Hoppers King's Cross

Hence, the food also takes quite a departure from the restaurant’s sister spots. Sure, they’re playing the hits – the place is still called Hoppers, so they’re still serving hoppers (light and crispy bowl-shaped egg pancakes) with various sambols, chutneys, and fried mutton rolls. But they’re also bringing out newness like blue swimmer crab kari (that is, curry) with black pepper curry leaf prawns; sizzling beef poriyal; ‘sour fish’ ambulthial tuna cutlets; and whole curried quail.

Hoppers King's Cross

The drinks are just as interesting too, with two house-brewed beers available on tap – a tropical lager, and a coconut-laced ale – as well as a slew of ’60s tiki cocktails, plus swizzlers, coolers, and sharing punches. There’s even a delightfully newfangled nitro espresso martini on tap made with spiced cold brew.

You could say this is quite a hip Hoppers.


NOTE: Hoppers King’s Cross is open seven days for lunch and dinner. You can see the full menu, and book a table, at their website HERE.

Hoppers King’s Cross | Unit 3, Building 4, Pancras Square, King’s Cross, N1C 4AG

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Hoppers King’s Cross

4 Pancras Square, King's Cross, N1C 4AG

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