Mare Street Market | A Sprawling, Modern Shopping & Eating Complex

Mare Street Market

Mare Street Market

Mare Street Market 

To many people, having a ‘mare isn’t usually a good thing.

But it is for the residents of the Mare Street Market.

It’s a sprawling project from Barworks (the people behind the Wenlock & Essex, Electricity Showrooms and the 5cc bars) that, unsurprisingly, is sited on Hackney’s Mare Street. They’ve taken over a previously nondescript council office block, giving it a big architectural rejig, and filled it not only with the restaurant, but a clutch of local businesses including a record shop, a florist, a bakery, deli and cocktail bar. Here’s how the 10k sq ft of space all breaks down:


The showstopper here is The Dining Room, with eclectic lighting collected from local antiques dealer Pure White Lines (all of which is for sale, by the way). Dishes include duck breast with chestnut gnocchi and sherry butter, and brioche doughnuts with salted caramel chocolate sauce. More casually, there’s the Open Kitchen (where you can score pizza from The Bread Station, and rotisserie chicken with shoestring fries). And last but not least, there’s the Deli, serving up Canon & Canon charcuterie, and Secret Smokehouse fish.


Quenching thirst in the daytime, they have a coffee roastery from the Flying Horse coffee shop, and quenching thirst during the nighttime (and the daytime) is The Liquor Store, which doubles as a cocktail spot and an off-license.


You’ll find a genuine vinyl record store, Stranger Than Paradise, run by a former Rough Trade East manager (which even has its own DIY podcast studio), and a neon-soaked outpost of local florists Rebel Rebel.

It’s not just your garden variety market. 

NOTE: Mare Street Market is open daily – you can find out more on their website HERE.


Mare Street Market | 89-115 Mare Street, E8 4RT

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Mare Street Market

89-115 Mare Street, Hackney, East London, E8 4RT


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