Myrtle | Modern European Dishes Using Irish Produce In Chelsea | April '19

An acclaimed Irish chef is naming her debut spot after her hero...


Myrtle | Modern European dishes, using Irish produce, in Chelsea

“Local, seasonal, organic, flavoursome, sustainable and superbly cooked food.”

Throw a dart at a map of London, and you’ll hit a restaurant with these exact words somewhere in their mission statement today. It has, thankfully, become the prevailing attitude amongst almost all chefs in the Western World. But this particular quote comes from an Irish chef named Myrtle Allen, from back when she opened her first restaurant in 1964.

She was quite ahead of her time to put it mildly, but her talent didn’t go unnoticed. She won dozens of award (from Michelin Stars to honorary doctorates), and has been called “the matriarch of Modern Irish cuisine”. And among the many chefs she’s inspired, one of them was Anna Haugh.


So after Anna worked her way through the kitchens of Gordon Ramsay & Phil Howard, and eventually became executive chef at Bob Bob Ricard, she’s decided to name her first solo restaurant after Myrtle.

It’ll be in Chelsea, and the idea is to serve modern European dishes with Irish produce – they’ll include the likes of slow-confit trout with cauliflower & capers; beef with boxty cake, hispy cabbage, and parsnip puree; and buttermilk panna cotta with rhubarb jelly and cinnamon doughnuts.

Or, in short – local, seasonal, organic, flavoursome, sustainable and superbly cooked food.

NOTE: Myrtle is planned to open 9th May. We’ll be back then with the full scoop. In the meantime, you can find out more at their website right HERE.

Myrtle | 1A Langton St, SW10 0JL

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1A Langton St, Chelsea, SW10 0JL


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