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Jason Allen 29/11/17

Après London

Après London

As a sport, skiing is going downhill fast.

So Après London have decided to focus on the bit that comes after all that – you know, the fun bit with the hot booze and coziness and such.

The pop up is appearing in Flat Iron square for four months this winter/early spring season, and it’s bringing an authentic ski-lodge vibe with it – the entire venue is made from unvarnished timber, from the floors, to the walls, to the tables, with holly boughs slung across the beams, and festoon lighting hanging from the ceiling.


There are two bars – one serving good ol’ fashioned cold cocktails, including the likes of negronis, espresso martinis, and the festively spiced cinnamon mule. If you’re after something a little bit cozier, then the hot cocktail bar will provide a comforting mug of mulled cider/wine, toddies, spiked hot chocolate, and more.


Given that the venue is in Flat Iron Square, installing a food kitchen would be like bringing sand to the beach – instead they’ve arranged for all the nearby vendors to offer up a selection of their dishes, including places like MotherClucker, Tatami Ramen, Where the Pancakes Are, Bar Douro, and more.


Making full use of the all-timber stage they’ve installed, they’re going to have live entertainment literally every night of the week, from including live music (curated by fellow Flat Iron residents Omeara), stand-up comedy, karaoke nights, film screenings, and bingo.

Which takes a lot of balls.

NOTE: Après London is open now. You can find out more, and make a booking at their website right HERE


Après London | 53 Southwark St, SE1 1RU

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Après London

53 Southwark St, Southwark, South London, 53 Southwark St, SE1 1RU