Backyard Cinema Wandsworth | A Huge Movie-Watching Playground

Backyard Cinema: Capital Studios

Backyard Cinema: Capital Studios

Backyard Cinema: Capital Studios | A Huge, Immersive Movie-Watching Playground

As cinemas go, the one at Capital Studios in Wandsworth doesn’t look very big when you first walk in.

But that’s only until you open the wardrobe next to the bookshelf in the foyer, and peer between the coats into the fairylit woodland tunnel leading to the vast winter garden beyond…

Then it looks a teeny bit bigger.

It comes to us from Backyard Cinema, who have at last renounced their roving ways and set up their first permanent venue here. And as the name suggests, it was indeed a TV studio, first built in the 1960s. For almost half a century she housed gameshows, cookery programs, dramas, and more before closing in 2014. She’s lain dormant since then, until the people at Backyard Cinema stumbled across her and – as with every TV star – her wish to make the leap to cinema finally came true.

Backyard Cinema Capital Studios

Now, they’ve souped the space up into a cinematic playground, with a huge theme-changing auditorium filled with their characteristic beanbag seating (including ‘premium’ beanbags with, drumroll, headrests!). The current theme is Winter Night Garden, and the space is thusly filled with thickets of evergreen foliage and warm festoon lighting.

Taking advantage of their newfangled sedentary status, they’re also throwing in a cocktail lounge at the back of the screening room – open throughout the films –  with mixed drinks literally on tap. Outside the venue, they also have an actual back yard, with a drinks terrace, food from Honest Burgers & Mother Cluckers, and even some live music on weekends.

Wandsworth Backyard Cinema Capital Studios

The films kicking off the debut season include classics (True Romance, Clueless, The Princess Bride, Harry Potter, etc.), new releases (Aladdin, Rocketman, Detective Pikachu, etc.), and special sing-a-long screenings of Grease & The Greatest Showman. And that’s just the first three weeks.

And, oh yes, there are karaoke booths. 


NOTE: Backyard Cinema Wandsworth is open now. Tickets are available now at their website right HERE.

Backyard Cinema: Capital Studios | 13 Wandsworth Plain, SW18 1ET

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Backyard Cinema: Capital Studios

13 Wandsworth Plain, Wandsworth, SW18 1ET


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