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A vast competitive socialising space has opened in South London, called Gravity.

And it’ll have no problem pulling you in.

Where one might feel spoiled to find one or even two different games within a single venue, Gravity is packing in eight across three floors, covering 100,000 sq ft. It’s all housed in a former department store down in Wandsworth, and there’s a whooooole lot going on, starting with a gigantic E-GoKarting circuit that stretches across two floors.

Gravity Wandsworth

So what else do they have packed in there? Well:

  • A 14-lane bowling alley souped up with augmented reality. The lanes themselves morph and change as the ball runs down them, and it looks bonkers.
  • Urban street golf, set against the backdrop of NYC’s most famous sights. This neon-soaked crazy golf course has jumps, loops, traps, you name it.
  • A digital darts zone with augmented reality tech. Taking a leaf out of Flight Club’s book, the lanes here all have digital tech helping keep score and project games onto the board.
  • Shuffleboard, again with AR (we’re sensing a theme here). These tables use the same style of camera tech as Electric Shuffle, with three different games to play.
  • An Electric Gamebox installation – if you’ve never been, read about it here, it’s amazing. There are three EG arenas, and they basically immerse you into a video game.

Gravity Wandsworth

Aaand then there’s some food in the form of a Japanese noodle bar, plus booze at both a cocktail bar and a casual sports bar.

You know, just in case things weren’t competitive enough for you.


NOTE: Gravity Wandsworth is open now. You can find out more at their website, and book, right HERE

Gravity | Southside Wandsworth, Wandsworth High St, SW18 4TF

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Southside Wandsworth, Wandsworth High St, Wandsworth, SW18 4TF

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