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Hattie Lloyd 03/10/23


Bad news, kids. Christmas is cancelled.

After being forced to work way past retirement age for at least the past few centuries, Santa’s finally had enough.

Unless, that is… he can be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas.

Enter Humbug.

bar humbug waterloo

Grant Walker

As in, please do enter Humbug, because it’s only here, in a raucously festive dive bar populated by cabaret artists and other reprobates like yourself, that you’ll be able to summon enough festive cheer to get a world-weary Santa on his feet and back to doing what he does best: breaking into people’s houses at night, raiding their drinks cabinet, and kissing mommies.

This brand new pop-up bar comes to you courtesy of a couple of ex-Backyard Cinema alums, who have put their heads together to create a themed bar that combines cocktails with Mariah Carey singalongs.

bar humbug

Grant Walker

The set-up: a neon-lit dive bar in the North Pole (conveniently accessible from the graffiti-lined tunnels below Waterloo station), where Santa is taking a sherry-fuelled wellness day to escape the mounting pressures of his workshop. Over the course of two hours, it’s down to you to give Santa a heady dose of festive cheer by singing along to Mariah Carey and sampling extensively from the Naughty or Nice cocktail menu, featuring signatures like the ‘Bah F*****g Humbug’ with rum, chocolate liqueur, crushed Oreos & whipped cream.

Topped with a mince pie.

On weekends there’s live music, DJs and dancing till the wee hours… and who knows, if you really hit it off with Santa, maybe he’ll give you a lift home.

He just has a few billion stops to make first.


NOTE: Humbug is open until 6th January 2024. Tickets start at £19.50, and can be booked HERE

Humbug | Unit 9, Leake Street Arches, Waterloo, SE1 8SW

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Unit 9, Leake Street Arches, Waterloo, SE1 8SW

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