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Jason Allen 24/11/23

Musicals by Candlelight

Musicals by Candlelight?

It’s guaranteed that something will be wick-ed.

And it’s a guarantee you’ll probably have a rousing, entertaining, and occasionally moving time, too – at least if the idea of a string quartet playing iconic compositions from some of the most legendary songwriters in the game (Sondheim, Rodgers & Hammerstein, Lloyd Webber, etc) in a 400 year old church, all while bathed in the warm, yellow light of hundreds of flickering candles sounds good to you.

Musicals by candlelight

The shows take place every Thursday – Saturday until 15th March, and the church in question is St Paul’s (yes, church, not cathedral) down in Covent Garden. It was founded way back in 1633, but over the years it’s become known at The Actors’ Church, and actually has plaques dedicated to musical composers like Ivor Novello & Noel Coward dotted about. Basically, if there was ever a perfect venue for this kind of show, this is it.

Musicals by candlelight

Step inside to see a performance, and you’ll find the place steeped in atmosphere, having been lit almost entirely by the hundreds of flickering candles that cover the floor leading up to the altar (which doubles as a stage here). Pull up a pew, let the show wash over you, and over the course of an hour you’ll get tunes from dozens of classics, including Grease, Dirty Dancing, Chicago, and yes, Wicked. The quartet playing them, Icon Strings Quartet, are an award-winning outfit who’ve played all across Europe, including the Royal Albert Hall, and they’ll happily throw in the occasional (and occasionally hilarious) anecdote between songs, too.

Other shows can’t hold a candle to that.


NOTE: Musicals by Candlelight takes place every Thursday – Saturday until 15th March 2024 at The Actors’ Church, Covent Garden. Tickets start at £15, and are available here.

The Actors’ Church | Bedford St, WC2E 9ED

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Musicals by Candlelight

The Actors' Church, Bedford St, Covent Garden, WC2E 9ED