Wander Through a Kaleidoscopic Rainbow of Colour

Fancy a slice of time?

You’ll probably want seconds.

Because famed artist Emmanuelle Moureaux has unveiled an exhibition all about the past, present, and future. And she’s been working around the clock to produce it. At least, we assume she has, just given the sheer scale of the installation.

Those installations normally happen in and around Tokyo where she’s lived for the last 25 years, and she’s finally come to the UK for her first show. It’s in Greenwich’s NOW Gallery, which isn’t coincidental – the proximity to Greenwich (the spiritual home of time itself) is what inspired the whole theme of the show.

Most of Moureaux’s work is driven by the concept of “shikiri” (which, it should be noted, she invented) that translates to “dividing/creating space with colours”. And here, she’s divided the space with dozens of layers of hanging numbers in precisely 100 different shades of colour. Those layers, and gradually morphing colours, represent the natural ebb and flow of time itself in a vibrant, walk-through rainbow.

It’s all completely free, and should you head down there, you’ll get a chance to personally contribute to the show too; the gallery will be providing round pieces of colourful paper upon which you’ll be invited to remember a significant date in your life. Those pieces of paper will form a kind of kaleidoscope of colour & memory, all placed in the gallery window…

…so you can clock it from outside.


NOTE: Slices of Time has been extended until 27th September 2020. It’s completely free, but you’ll need to book a time slot in advance. You can do that, and find out more at the NOW Gallery website right HERE.

NOW Gallery | The Gateway Pavilions, Peninsula Square, SE10 0SQ

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Slices of Time

NOW Gallery , The Gateway Pavilions, Greenwich, SE10 0SQ
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