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Hattie Lloyd 10/04/24

Roof East

If there’s one thing a car park rooftop really comes into its own for in the summer, it’s parking cars.

But if there’s another thing, it’s hosting throngs of frolicking Londoners in a bunting-strewn outdoor oasis filled with high-altitude games, cocktails and caramel ice cream sundaes.

So welcome back to Roof East, the rooftop playground that looked at what Stratford was missing, and added twice as much. For Summer 2024, they’ve brought back all the bookable big-hitters of their previous pop-ups, including a row of glitter-sprinkled lawn bowls lanes; a Birdies crazy golf course (where you can putt at the level of actual birds); archery lanes; fast-paced batting cages; and a load of free games you can just turn up and play, including ping pong, cornhole and giant jenga.

roof east beat the bar

There’s also a ‘beat the bar’ challenge, which is mainly there to facilitate settling, once and for all, which of your group can hang off a bar the longest. If you beat the world record (16 mins, 3 seconds) you’ll get free entry to Roof East’s games, forever.

And, presumably, a world record.

And that little mini rooftop tucked around the corner? That’s where Rooftop Film Club is pitching up for the summer with a programme of new releases, cult classics, and singalongs (and tickets are on sale now).

rooftop film club roof east

On top of all that, you’ll find a grand total of five rooftop bars; a trio of street food stalls slinging burgers, fried chicken and Turkish pide; and a regular line-up of events including quiz nights, dance classes and Eurovision parties.

Which finally brings us to the best part of all – Roof East is perched overlooking London, and it’s totally free to head up there.

It’s the tops.


NOTE: Roof East reopens on 18th April – you can book games and seating areas, and find out more, right HERE.

Roof East | Floors 7 & 8, Stratford Multi-Storey Car Park, Great Eastern Way, E15 1XE

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Roof East

Roof East, Floors 7 & 8, Stratford Multi Storey Car Park, Great Eastern Way, Stratford, E15 1XE