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Jason Allen 07/01/20

The Light Festival at Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station is going to light up London once again.

Only, it’ll be a considerably smaller portion of it. And only for a few weeks. But nevertheless, it’s looking like it’ll be pretty amazing.

It’s all on account of The Light Festival, which back for a month, from the 25th of January to the 25th of February.  It’s all free, and it includes:

battersea light festival

Singularity by Squidsoup – thousands of LED lights are suspended in a huge space above your head, and they all glow and fade in a beautiful pattern of movement. In essence, it’s like walking into a space filled with tiny electric stars or fireflies.

LightPiano by Arion de Munck & Mark Ridder – ever wanted to play a piano that simultaneously projected beams of coloured light? Here’s your chance. And there’s a lineup of professional musicians coming in to play on it too.

Lightbattle III by Venividimultiplex – set under two arches of light, six bicycles face off against one another. People hop aboard, start cycling, and ‘charge up’ their arch, with the winners getting a tower of light.

C/C by Angela Chong – is it a bench? Is it an art installation? Well, yes. It is.

battersea light festival

It’s basically an excuse to turn Battersea into a huge outdoor art gallery, over which the darkness holds no sway. In fact if anything, it improves matters.


NOTE: The Light Festival at Battersea Power Station has now taken place.

Battersea Power Station | 188 Kirtling Street, SW11 8EZ

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The Light Festival at Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station, 188 Kirtling Street, South London, South London, SW11 8EZ