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Jason Allen 16/02/17

The People's Revolt

The People’s Revolt | Immersive Revolution


You’re going to break into The Tower Of London.

Courtesy of the ingenious minds behind Heist, there’s a brand new immersive adventure experience in town: The People’s Revolt, a real life caper that’ll see you decide the fate of a nation…

Your mission will begin in the near future.

Democracy is broken, and only you can save it.

Two days before your mission commences you’ll be granted access to a private underground network, which will lead you to a team of digitally-savvy fellow revolutionaries. Meeting at a highly-classified location, you’ll together lock down your mission objectives, alter your appearances and then make your move on The Tower Of London – smuggling yourselves and your equipment in through a secret subterranean entrance.

Once inside you’ll face a range of characters and choices that are going to force you into making hard decisions, negotiating impossible scenarios, and weighing up difficult moral choices, all while exploring key moments in the political evolution of Britain…

…and then personally determining its future.

NOTE:  Tickets cost £25.50 and advance booking is essential. There are currently tickets on sale HERE for March 2017, however more will soon be added. Unfortunately this event involves steps and therefore is not suitable for wheelchair users or people with limited mobility. For more information, and to book tickets, please visit The People’s Revolt website HERE


Main Image: Davide D’Amico / Flickr

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