Talisa Dean 16/12/19

Knoops Chelsea

Knoops operate the kind of set up that makes you wonder why on earth it’s taken this long for someone to come up with it:

They specialise in hot chocolate.

There. It’s that simple.

Yes, there are hundreds of chocolate shops, and hundreds of cafes, and hundreds of restaurants that all do absolutely wonderful hot chocolate, but not one that almost exclusively specialises in the stuff without adding in brunch or some such too. And more often than not the menu is limited to just one option, take it or leave it. Not at Knoops. Here, there are just dozens of hot chocolates, ranging from sweet 28% white blends to staggeringly rich 100% dark.

knoops chelsea

The whole operation started out in the seaside town of Rye down on the south coast. As one might expect, people flocked there. Enough so that they were able to expand their operations to London, with outposts in Kensington, Richmond and Chelsea.

It’s a small, pared-back space with a large terrazzo countertop upstairs, and a sleek basement room called The Pod (where they also run private tastings and masterclasses). You’ll find the menu pinned to the wall upstairs, which lists both the cocoa-% that you’re dealing with, along with a few tasting notes. There’s a mix of both single-origin chocolate and blends, and you can expect no less than three types of white hot chocolate (28%, 34%, 45%), a quartet of milk chocolates (from 33% to 43%) and a whopping thirteen dark chocolate blends (from 54% to the unfathomably intense 100%). There’s even a naturally pink ruby hot chocolate (47%).


As it’s the law when it comes to hot chocolate, they’ve also made sure to sell marshmallows. But they’re not the teeny little pebbles you might be used to. No, they’re fist-sized bricks of marshmallow, which are designed to melt right into the chocolate. As for the other extras? There are a couple of milkshakes and a mocha coffee – but that’s pretty much it.

Which is more than enough.


NOTE: Knoops is open daily. You can find out more and check out their online chocolate shop at their website right HERE.

Knoops Chelsea | 69 King’s Road, London, SW3 4NT

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Knoops Chelsea

69 King's Road, Chelsea , SW3 4NT

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