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Lectures & Talks In London

Lectures & Talks In London

Great Lectures & Talks In London

Last Updated: 29th March 2019 | Main image: Royal Academy Lates

It’s about time you made good on that new year’s resolution of leading a life of cultural and intellectual refinement.

But we don’t want to lecture you.

Instead, we’ll leave it to the professionals – the guest speakers, the research professors, the illustrious poets, artists, and social activists who regularly take to the stage in London to share their insights with the masses. Whatever you want to brush up on – whether it’s politics, tech, or just the rebirth of classical architecture in 15th century Italy, there’s free lunchtime lectures, candlelit evenings and mind-broadening salons on pretty much everything under the sun.

And so to buoy you forwards on your quest for intellectual enlightenment, we’ve picked out not only the best places that are putting on regular talks, but also the best events this month.

So without further ado…


Food Season at the British Library

Lectures & Talks in London

Too many cooks spoil the broth… but they also make for a really interesting line-up of speakers. And over the next two months, the BL will be hosting a series of talks from food writers, chefs, producers and critics, who’ll be speaking on topics from sustainable farming and women in cheesemaking to the issue of cultural appropriation through cuisine. Or, in the case of Heston Blumenthal, ‘micro experiments’ with food and live music…

Details: 2nd April – 30th May 96 Euston Road, NW1 2DB£15

Modelling For A Legend

Get a New Look into the life and work of Christian Dior, with the inside scoop from a former Dior ‘mannequin’, Svetlana Lloyd. She’ll be sharing insights and anecdotes after working both with Dior and Yves St. Laurent, who took over the fashion house after he passed away.

Details: 3rd April, 1-1.45pm V&A, Cromwell Road, SW7 2RL Free

Simon Stephens On Writing ‘The Curious Incident…’

Hear from playwright Simon Stephens on how he adapted Mark Haddon’s best-selling novel into the best-selling show that’s since toured the world, and is back for one final run in the West End.

Details: 3rd April, 5.45-6.30pm Piccadilly Theatre, 16 Denman Street, W1D 7DY £7

An Evening With Mr. Fogg and Sir Michael Palin

Mr Fogg's lectures and talks London

Over the past few decades, the former Python has set off on adventures to the furthest flung corners of the globe – one of which involved a Phileas Fogg-style jaunt around the world in 80 days, using only old-fashioned modes of transport such as hot air balloon and er, husky dog. So it’s fitting that he’s coming to the bar kitted out like Mr. Fogg’s abode to tell you all about it.

Details: 8th April, 7.01pm Mr. Fogg’s Residence, 15 Bruton Lane, W1J 6JD £50 Book a table online for 6.45pm, or email residence@mr-foggs.com

Ian McEwan: Machines Like Me

The Atonement author discusses his latest book, which combines a love story with artificial intelligence, Margaret Thatcher, and an alternate 1980s London…

Details: 15th April, 7.30-9pm Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, SE1 7XX £10-30

Fearing The Beast: Animal Attacks and Medical Practice in the Middle Ages

Held in an atmospheric old operating theatre in a church attic, this talk will give you a dose of good old 14th century fear about animal-based injuries. Like, for example, how a bite from a rabid dog could create miniature dogs inside you…

Details: 18th April, 6.30-8.30pm The Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret, 9a Saint Thomas Street, SE1 9RY | £12


WIlton's - talks and lectures in London

Self-described as a cross between Desert Island Discs and TED talks, OneTrackMinds sees a group of speakers – from award-winning spoken word artists to investigative journalists – talk about a song which changed their life in some way, all in the picturesque surrounds of London’s only remaining Victorian music hall.

Details: 24th & 25th April, 7.30-9.30pm (inc. interval) Wilton’s Music Hall, Grace’s Alley, E1 8JB £5-12.50


The Culpeper Astronomy Nights

The Culpeper talks

The Culpeper‘s rooftop astronomy nights have attained near-mythical status. Not just because they’re great, but because tickets are rarer than gold dust. Conducted with an intimate crowd of around 15, you’ll start your evening with a feast in the Culpeper’s dining room before a short lesson on the constellations, before heading up to the roof to take a peek at the moon, stars and planets through a professional telescope.

Details: 40 Commercial Street, E1 6LP Sign up for ticket releases here

Nicer Tuesdays

A regular evening curated by It’s Nice That, during which four speakers from creative industries discuss their most seminal projects to date, and reveal the processes behind them in short, snappy presentations. They also sell out quicker than hotcakes, so subscribe to their mailing list to stay updated on ticket releases.

Details: Oval Space, 29–32 The Oval, E2 9DT Last Tuesday of every month


V&A Lunchtime lectures in London

Tucked away from the museum’s busier rooms is the V&A’s princely lecture hall, lined with some of history’s great thinkers (which, very shortly, will also include you). They offer free lunchtime lectures as well as ticketed evening talks, variously inspired by current exhibitions; prized objects; and even the process of collecting itself.

Details: Cromwell Road, SW7 2RL | What’s On

The London Art Salon

The London Art Salon like to frame things a little differently. Committed to breaking down barriers to art, they cut out any pretentiousness with accessible one-off lectures and tours around the best current exhibitions in London.

Details: Various locations What’s On

National Theatre

National Theatre London talks and lectures

Get a peek behind the scenes at the National Theatre, where you can hear about out how theatre is made from the directors, actors, set designers and even wig-makers working on current productions.

Details: Upper Ground, SE1 8XX What’s On

National Gallery

The National Gallery is essentially an art school, with free lunchtime lectures on various paintings; longer lectures on broader themes; ‘Talk and Draw’ workshops, where you’ll hear from an expert on a particular painting before creating your own take on the piece; and their 10 minute talks, taking place every weekday at 4pm at a different painting in the gallery.

Details: Trafalgar Square, WC2N 5DN | What’s On

The British Museum

British Museum - talks and lectures in London

Curators, historians and archeologists take to the stand at the British Museum, where you can score everything from free gallery talks to Latin classes. There are regular free lectures linked to current exhibitions, as well as study days on weekends that combine talks, tours and screenings for an intensive introduction to some of the world’s most interesting places, people and eras.

Details: Great Russell Street, WC1B 3DG | What’s On

The School of Life

How to Make Love Last. How to Fail. The Meaning of Life. Just a couple of the breezy, light-hearted topics the School of Life are tackling with their near-daily lectures, hosted by speakers, philosophers, thinkers, creatives and psychologists drawn from around the world. Settle in for an evening class, all-day workshop or 5 day course – you know, depending on how dedicated you are to finding eternal serenity and stuff. READ MORE

Details: 70 Marchmont Street, WC1N 1AB | What’s On

The British Academy

British Academy talks and lectures in London

Set in the grandiose surroundings of William Gladstone’s former mansion, the British Academy is a century-old society dedicated to tackling the big questions in the humanities and social sciences. Drop by for discussions on loneliness or the future of romance, while taking a peek at one of London’s most opulent buildings.

Details: 10-11 Carlton House Terrace, SW1Y 5AH What’s On

University College London

UCL has over 100 different academic departments, which together make for an insanely varied calendar of both free talks and ticketed lectures, on topics as wide as artificial intelligence to Latin American street art. Held in the University’s own lecture rooms, it’s all the useful bits of uni (learning about what you want) without any of the bad bits (essays, exams, jägerbombs).

Details: Across the UCL Campus What’s On

Conway Hall

The Conway Hall Ethical Society has roots going as far back as 1793, and is now the only remaining ethical society in the UK.

Essentially, it’s there for moral support.

And it’s achieving this not only through courses, photography workshops, film screenings, free concerts, comedy nights and language classes, but also by lining up a roster of esteemed activists, writers and academics who speak on topics like the societal impact of big data and the technocracy, political extremism, and the significance of corridors.

Details: 25 Red Lion Square, WC1R 4RL What’s On

Gresham College

Gresham College has been hosting free lectures for Londoners for over four centuries, so it’s fair to say they’ve got the formula down. They host around 130 lectures throughout the year on topics across the arts and sciences, while the 2,000+ lectures that have been recorded there since the ’80s can be found on their website, too. Ideal for a classic evening of “How To Be A Shakespearean Atheist” ‘n’ chill.

Details: Barnard’s Inn Hall, EC1N 2HH What’s On

The Last Tuesday Society

Last Tuesday Society Talks and Lectures in London

The Last Tuesday Society is not your average bar. And the Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities is not your average museum. So the events held amongst the stuffed two-headed animals and voodoo dolls are just a touch unusual too; from absinthe tastings to taxidermy classes; and gothic storytelling to séances round the sarcophagus…

Details: 11 Mare Street, E8 4RP What’s On

Royal Academy of Arts

The Royal Academy has been training and promoting artists since the reign of George III. Now, it’s promoting art appreciation, too, thanks to both the 15 minute mini-talks that take place around its galleries, and the more in-depth discussions covering both the history and future of art – not to mention the celebrated Lates; colourful parties filled with after-hours gallery openings, immersive performances and talks.

Details: Burlington House, Piccadilly, W1J 0BD What’s On

The Old Operating Theatre Museum

Old Operating Theatre Museum

Tucked away in a church attic, The Old Operating Theatre Museum was once the venue for surgery performed on female patients from the neighbouring St. Thomas hospital. Now, it’s home to film screenings, secret concerts, quirky historical talks and the occasional after-hours Victorian surgical demonstration.

Details: Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret, 9a St Thomas Street, SE1 9RY What’s On


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