Ticket Hall And Control Room | A New 1940s-Themed Cocktail Bar In Soho

Soho's Getting A New Cocktail Bar Courtesy Of the Inception Group

Ticket Hall And Control Room

Ticket Hall And Control Room

Main image: Cahoots | Johnny Stephens

Just when you thought a bag full of sweets scavenged from strangers was the only thing you had to look forward to this October…

…Inception Group have gone and announced the opening of a brand new bar.

Who are Inception Group?

Why, they’re the masterminds behind theatrical-drinkeries Barts, Mr Fogg’s, and Cahoots

…and now they’re bringing their portfolio to an even dozen with the unveiling of Ticket Hall And Control Room.

You’ll actually find it directly opposite Cahoots, in the snug little alley leading in to Kingly Court. Beyond that all we know is that it will be similarly 1940s styled, with an all-day menu of both cocktails and food upstairs, and a den of late night shenanigans downstairs.

More soon.


NOTE: Ticket Hall and Control Room is set to open in Soho this November. We’ll be back with the full scoop soon.

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Ticket Hall And Control Room

5 Kingly Street, Soho, W1B 5PF


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