Darby's | An Oyster Bar & Grill Restaurant From Acclaimed Chef Robin Gill

Robin Gill is back with his most ambitious project yet...


Darby’s | Oyster bar & grill from an acclaimed chef

Picture this.

It’s early summer. You’re in a swimming pool on the 10th floor of a sleek new building development. Not one specific building, mind you, but two. Because it’s suspended between them, with nothing but air below …and the restaurant that your food is about to arrive from.

You swim across the 25 meter length of the pool, between buildings, just in time to see the elevator open and a waiter step out carrying your lunch. He’s come from Darby’s, safely settled on the ground floor, and the food is from the kitchen of Robin Gill, the man behind such south London restaurant luminaries as The Dairy and Sorella.

The place is inspired by his father, Earl ‘Darby’ Gill, who worked as a jazz musician in Manhattan in the 50s and 60s. As such, it’ll have a NYC-style all-day menu, an oyster bar and sizzling grilled dishes. Oh, and live music. There’ll be lots of that.

In the mornings, you’ll be able to tuck into Full Irish Breakfasts and fresh pastries courtesy of the in-house bakery, which’ll churn out bagels and sourdough for lunchtime, topped with salt beef and mortadella (which is also cured in-house). Come the evenings, you’ll be able to take a perch up at the green marble-topped oyster bar, where they’ll be shucking shells as well as served platters of crudo and caviar. The grill will also come into its own, charring slabs of Dexter beef, Oxford Sandy pig and wild turbot, to be finished off with caramelised croissant gelato.

Darby’s will also have a bar area overseen by Wesley Yeung, who joins from The Dairy. There’ll be Irish leaning cocktails, like the Mulligan’s Margarita (with poitín instead of tequila) and the Spud Sour, house-made vermouth, champagne and Guinness. All of which, come summer, you’ll be able to sip on the outdoor terrace, overlooking Embassy Gardens next to the new American Embassy.

Which sounds very diplomatic.

NOTE: Darby’s is due to open on 27th May – we’ll be back then with the full scoop. In the meantime, you can find out more on their website HERE.

Darby’s | 3 Viaduct Gardens Road, Embassy Gardens, SW11 7AY

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3 Viaduct Gardens Road, Battersea, SW11 7AY


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