Duck & Waffle | 40th Floor Restaurant In The City, Open 24 Hours/Day

Duck & Waffle

Duck & Waffle

Duck & Waffle | Sky-High Restaurant

Stroll to the gleaming base of the Heron Tower.

Behind a small glass door next to the main entrance you’ll spot a smiley hostess with a clipboard and luminous teeth: go ahead and inform her that today you’ll be heading to the roof.

Obviously she’ll have already guessed this, but it’s always nice to involve others in your plans.

Take the lift past Sushisamba straight up to the 40th Floor, where you’ll find Duck & Waffle, a cocktail bar and restaurant named after its signature dish: fried duck egg and mustard maple syrup which – like everything else at D&W – can be enjoyed 24 hours a day.

Duck and Waffle restaurant

You’ll first find yourself in the bar, a surprisingly coherent textural mish-mash of Portuguese-inspired floor tiling; distressed wooden ceilings; extravagant chandeliers made from old wine bottles; and, of course, killer views, with the lights of London twinkling immeasurable feet beneath you*. As you drink in these views, it would be reasonable to drink in something more tangible, too – whether from their lengthy wine list, or monthly-rotating roster of cocktails (current offerings include an Artichoke Negroni, a concoction using avocado liqueur, and a Caramelised Onion Manhattan).

*although, if we had to put a number on it, we’d say 574. Roughly.

Duck and Waffle

From here, you’ll take a leisurely mosey through to the restaurant, this time boasting views on three sides, take your seats in front of the bustling open kitchen, and spare a thought for the chefs toiling over your beer braised rabbit at 4am…

…Then just think about your beer braised rabbit.

Because it, like all the other dishes here, has been cooked up by Dan Doherty, who’s previously manned the pans at Michelin-starred spots like 1 Lombard Street; was also the youngest ever member to join The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts; and who claims “there is no greater feeling than to watch someone eat, and see a smile come across their face”.

Hence the open kitchen.

You can choose from a mix of internationally-inspired small sharing plates like ‘Nduja seared octopus; goat kofte; and coal roasted beetroot with tamarind before moving onto the larger – oven-baked cod; handmade spinach and ricotta ravioli; and of course the signature Duck & Waffle.

Duck & Waffle

A brief note regarding your journey up there.

On entering the lift that White Teeth Lady directs you to, you’ll want to either be chewing gum; yawning or expertly performing the “Valsalva Maneuver,” because the speed at which you’ll be propelled to the top of the tower (5m/s) will guarantee a mild ear-popping.

It’s actually the #1 reason for heading here…

…. after the cocktails, the food and the ridiculous views.


NOTE: Duck & Waffle is open 24 hours, year-round. There’s also a dining room for private hire, which seats up to 18. You can book a private or public table on their website here.

ALSO NOTE: A lower-altitude, fast-casual spin-off has opened in St. James’s. Read more about Duck & Waffle Local

Duck & Waffle | Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, EC2N 4AY

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Duck & Waffle

Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, Liverpool Street, The City and East London, EC2N 4AY

0203 640 7310


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