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LIMA CANTINA | Modern Peruvian food in Covent Garden

After helping to reinvent London’s Peruvian restaurant scene… Floral by LIMA has now reinvented itself.

The beloved eatery in Covent Garden – sister spot to Fitzrovia’s LIMA, the first Peruvian restaurant in Europe to win a Michelin star – has now become LIMA CANTINA, and is essentially an entirely new restaurant, with a gorgeous top-to-bottom refurb and a whole new delicious menu to boot.

lima cantina

You’ll find it tucked just off Long Acre, in the airily beautiful former HQ of what used to be one of London’s leading stained glass manufacturers (and has the beautiful, brick-arched windows to prove it). The team at LIMA have yet to deliver anything less than a stunningly colourful & vibrantly themed Latin-style interior, and LIMA CANTINA doesn’t disappoint: over two floors you’ll find artfully distressed whitewashed walls, warm peach accents drenching the space, and some verdant greenery interspersed among the sleek tables and chairs.

lima cantina ceviche

The menu has had a complete rejig, and you’ll notice it all revolves around a new signature dish: ‘Pollo a La Brasa’. That’s a Peruvian rotisserie chicken, and it’s basically the country’s national dish. LIMA CANTINA proudly boasts London’s only ‘rotombo’ charcoal-rotisserie oven, with a “unique design which allows the smoke to directly penetrate the meat, whilst leaving the skin perfectly crispy every time”. Long story short, it’s delicious: the birds being racked up have all received a 24hr bathing in a Peruvian spice blend, then get served up with some signature LIMA CANTINA sauces, including ‘aji Amarillo’ and ‘huacatay’.


They’re taking full advantage of that fancy new grill to scorch other things too, including some aji panca BBQ pork ribs, and some octopus with mussels & coriander – but rest assured, you’ll also find the likes of classic, non-grilled sea bream ceviche & prawn causa nigiri, too.

And, lastly, on the venue’s ground floor, you’ll spy a whole new bar with some whole new cocktails, too, including a smokey mezcal negroni, and a pisco & mango-driven Leila.

Because the decor isn’t the only thing they’re shaking up.


NOTE: LIMA CANTINA is now open – you can book a table HERE.

LIMA CANTINA | 14 Garrick Street, WC2E 9BJ

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14 Garrick Street, Covent Garden, Central London, WC2E 9BJ

020 7240 5778

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