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Coming soon: Sune.

It’s a new restaurant that’s about to land next to the canal by the foot of Broadway Market from a pair of extremely talented hospitality workers: Honey Spencer & Charlie Sims.

Honey is a sommelier, who has most recently taken the reins at The Palomar and all its sibling restaurants as their wine director (as well as putting together the lists for places like Sager + Wilde, and Noma Mexico). Charlie, on the other hand, is a restaurant manager who has handled places like Noma (the world’s No1 restaurant while he was there), and Mãos (which kept its Michelin Star while he was there).

All of which is to say that they can probably put together a half-decent restaurant.

But wait – you rightly say – we’re missing one teeny tiny part of the puzzle here: the, um, chef. And you’re right, neither Honey nor Charlie will be manning the pans. That responsibility falls at the feet of Michael Robins, fresh from the kitchens at Pidgin, Acme Fire Cult, and Akoko. So, again, probably safe hands.


Pictured: 35 years of insane success in the restaurant game

He’ll be cooking up a menu that uses broadly British ingredients, but which plucks liberally from food cultures across the globe (and what could be more British than that?). You’ll find smoked eel Caesar salads next to za’atar spiced lamb ribs with honey, harissa & salted yoghurt, as well as Galician sea urchin and preserved tomato, or something called “egg, chips and anchovy”. And you can finish it off with a chocolate, cherry & pistachio tart.

To drink, Honey Spencer will be pouring all those years of grape-laden experience into her wine list, and coming out with a seasonally changing selection that ties in interesting bottles with classic vintages and a few natural wines too.

Oh, and the name? It’s in honour of Honey Spencer’s mentor/wine jedi, Sune Rosforth, who she worked with in Copenhagen – and apparently it’s also the Old Nordic word for ‘son’.

So hopefully they raise this Sune right.


NOTE: Sune is now open – we’ll be back soon with the full scoop. In the meantime, you can find out more at the website right here.

Sune | 129A Pritchard’s Road, E2 9AP

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129A Pritchard’s Road, Bethnal Green, East London, E2 9AP
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