St. John at The Bridge Theatre | Get Nose-To-Tail Dining At The Interval

St. John Are Coming... To The Theatre?

The Bridge Theatre

St. John at The Bridge Theatre 

When St. John make an announcement, it doesn’t matter how odd it may sound.

People take it as gospel.

After all, they’ve had some less than usual departures from the world of Michelin-Starred nose-to-tail dining over the years: A hotel. A bakery. A winery. And now apparently, a theatre restaurant.

The theatre in question is the The Bridge Theatre (so called because it sits at the base of Tower Bridge), London’s first wholly new commercial stage of that scale in over 40 years. The brainchild of the National Theatre’s Nicholas Hytner and Nick Starr, it’s got space for over 900 punters; all of whom the folks at St. John are hoping to feed.

What kind of food/booze can you expect? Well, there’re going to be small plates like smoked mackerel with horseradish, or whole globe artichokes, sandwiches (cold roast lamb and aioli, for instance), and their famed doughnuts. And if you pre-order them you can even get a hot batch of madeleines timed perfectly for the interval.

Washing all this down, they’re serving plenty of craft beers and Champagne (remember that winery?), and they’ve enlisted the help of Cambridge-based Jack’s Gelato to perk you up in the aisles.

All in all, it’s a good show.

NOTE: The Bridge Theatre is now open. You can find out more and book for shows at their website right HERE.

St. John at The Bridge Theatre | 3 Potters Field Park, SE1 2SG

Want the food without the theatre? Check out the original right HERE.

The Bridge Theatre

3 Potters Field Park, Southwark, South London, SE1 2SG


8.2 / 10

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